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Lyon: A gourmet destination ! 

Lyon is well known for its culinary credentials. Legend has it that France’s gastronomic capital has more restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in Europe!

Since in France eating seems to be the unifying activity, you will surely be able to find something you like! Here are some idea tested by the Spouses & Partners Group!

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Recommended by Spouses & Partners

In Lyon

Les Jacquelines en Ville (Bar/Restaurant)

Le Café Nova (Bar/Restaurant)

Jumble (Bar/Restaurant)

La Taverne Gutenberg (Drink&Art)

Bahadourian (Spices and international food grocery)

Sharing a meal with the locals

Outside of Lyon

La Cité du Chocolat Valrhôna (Chocolate Museum)

BONUS : What are the Lyon’s Gastronomy traditions?


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